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Solar Rooftop on grid solutions

Solar Rooftop On Grid Solutions

Utilize your empty roof to save electricity for 25 years. Let the sun power your savings!!

Solar On Grid System

The on-grid solar rooftop system converts solar power into grid power. The rooftop system consists of a series of solar panels which are mounted on the roof and connected together to convert solar radiation to electrical energy. The electrical energy from the series of panels is fed into an inverter so that the energy can be converted to alternating current compatible with grid power. Hence, the system will only work when there is constant electricity supply from the power grid.


Solar rooftop on-grid system is a reliable, easy-to-install system with a lifespan of 25 years using existing roof space to generate clean energy, helping you save on electricity charges.

Net Metering:

The rooftop on-grid solar system once synchronized with grid electricity can be used to transfer excess electricity back to the main grid.

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