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About Korean Solar Power Consortium Kenya LTD

With the spike in demand for electricity and growing focus on decarbonized solutions, a granular understanding of the power sector and power resources is critical to assessing business cases for new and existing assets. The global renewable energy industry faces extreme highs and lows, with record activity levels in key areas like Commercial and Industrial. While cost inflation and supply chain constraints are challenging project economics, key policies are being implemented around the world to address these trends.

With our renewable energy consulting, you will gain the best renewables and power market intelligence, which is both detailed and timely.  Offering global and local data, our Renewables & Power Solution comprises a power asset database that enables you to analyze the power generation industry, long-term trends in power supply and demand, installed capacity, fuel demand, and emissions.

Our solution allows you to deep dive into the different parts of the supply chain by analyzing manufacturing capacities for key projects components. It also helps you understand the economic details of renewable power with a breakdown of costs at an asset level.

The service covers the entire spectrum of power resources, Solar, Wind, Hydro, Geothermal, Bioenergy, Nitrogen and Energy Storage Systems.

Solar Carport

The Carport structure is a win-win solution to effectively use the space while generating electricity. Watertight is available according to specific needs. Various foundation options include precast concrete, bored pier and ground screw.

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Universal easy solar bracket

The universal easy solar bracket, developed for achieving good combination with solar kit, which can be installed at flat ground on roof, raillings,balcony and garden, It’s much flexible with adjustable tilt range between 30-5o to get more energy.

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