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What is an On-Grid Solar System

An on-grid solar system refers to the one solar energy that has been connected to the main utility grid. Electricity power generated by solar panels is routed to the grid from where it is supplied to various home or office appliances.

On-grid solar systems require a grid connection to function. This solar system does not function when there is a power outage, which is why it is referred to as a grid-tied system.

On-grid solar systems are suitable for places with less than 2 hours or no power outages during the day. This system is economical because one does not incur the recurring costs of replacing the components since no batteries are connected.

Benefits of On-Grid Solar System

There are numerous advantages of having an on-grid solar system. One of the major advantages is the reduced electricity bill. When using an on-grid solar system one only pays for the surplus electricity they consume, which significantly reduces the electricity bill.

An on-grid solar system is also easy to maintain and cost effective since it requires no batteries to be connected. It saves the consumer from the recurring cost of replacing components.

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